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Meet Sara!

Oh HEYYY! So glad you stopped by! Welcome to my little bubble in the world. I am Sara! 

Prior to starting 'The Play-Based Preschool' I was the owner of a preschool educational-entertainment company. After closing this business I still wanted to provide teachers with fun, engaging and play-based resources for young children, 3 to 7 years old. I found Teachers Pay Teachers, and The Play-Based Preschool was born.

The Play-Based Preschool believes that play-based learning is the best kind of learning for children ages 3 to 7. I also believe that you don't need to teach worksheets (before Kindergarten).  Play-based learning engages more of the brain resulting in deeper learning. I design resources that are play-based and game oriented. I include as many of my own drawings in my products as possible because I am an artist.

Preschool in our family has been a homeschooling adventure.

My little man is currently 4 1/2 and my little lady is 6 1/2. I am blessed beyond belief when it comes to these two and their Daddy. Even if I do call them Attention Seeking Vampires from time to time.

My man and I just celebrated knowing each other for 15 years. We have been married for the last (almost) 9 of those years.

I love hearts. I love pink. I love shoes. I love books (chic lit). I love romantic comedies.  I love sharing our lives. I love learning new things. I love connecting with new friends even though I need my quiet time. I love selfies and being silly.

So let's connect! Facebook me here! Instagram me (my current fave) here! Tweet me here (I am not here all that much) Circle me on Google Plus here. Pin Me (ouch!) here.



Teaching Talk Episode 3: Feedback

In today's episode, we are going to talk about Feedback. I am going to even show you how to get to where your resources are stored and how to leave feedback.

Now, this does all take place on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. If you do not have a Teachers Pay Teachers account I ask why not? You know it is free. Soon there will be an episode or a post about why everyone should have an account on Teachers Pay Teachers.

But today, we talk about feedback.

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Teaching Talk Episode 2: Free Color Matching Game

Welcome back! I am so happy you joined me for another episode of "Teaching Talk".

Today I am going to show you how I used 1 FREE game from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and used it 6 different ways in my preschool classroom.

Below the video will be the link where you can get the free game and the clipart used.

Free Game:


Monday Muse Edition 8

This Monday starts a new chapter in the Hickman house.

Both of my babies are in school full day. This will not come to a surprise, but I write these posts in advance from time to time. I am editing now on the "First Day Eve." We had a good day today, so I am not all ... OMG I am so glad school starts tomorrow! I am actually pretty nervous for my youngest. He has NEVER been a whole day without Mommy close by, EVER. My oldest is the most nervous she has been in a long time about the start of school. I can honestly say I am looking forward to this new chapter. I can honestly say this too. It is going to feel weird walking back from the bus stop without a child.

Since this is a new chapter I figured our muse this week would be a beautiful sunrise.