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Can you really use the same game for Preschool, First Grade and Third Grade?

Taking a look at the Apple Size Sequence file folder game. 

The main skill this game will address is that of putting the same image in sequential order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Add complexity by adding sets of apples in different colors. Students will then also be able to group similarly sized apples of different colors.

As your students progress in knowledge you can easily adapt this game by simply adding a die and a dry erase marker or crayon. Roll the die. Count that many apples in one color. Roll the die again. Count that many apples in another color. Write the equation and add the numbers. This game has now gone from size sorting to adding with simply adding two small items.

Using this same concept you can take it one step further and work on additional mathematical skills. Let's take a look at how we practiced some multiplication with this same game. 

I set out three apples, a die and a dry erase marker. 

We were going to be working on 3 groups multiplication (the 3x facts). I had her roll the die and put that many seeds on each of the 3 apples. Then write the equation.

After she figured out the equation she rolled again. Putting the number of seeds on the apple and repeating the process.

Simply add an apple to work on a different number of groups (2 apples would be the 2x table, 6 apples would be the 6x table and so on). Add another die to work on factors up to 12.

This game is simple in design to make differentiation simple. Learning advanced skills can still be fun. When you incorporate play and games into their learning, they will want to engage. Play-based learning does not have to stop with early education.



Teaching Talk Episode 3: Feedback

In today's episode, we are going to talk about Feedback. I am going to even show you how to get to where your resources are stored and how to leave feedback.

Now, this does all take place on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. If you do not have a Teachers Pay Teachers account I ask why not? You know it is free. Soon there will be an episode or a post about why everyone should have an account on Teachers Pay Teachers.

But today, we talk about feedback.

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Teaching Talk Episode 2: Free Color Matching Game

Welcome back! I am so happy you joined me for another episode of "Teaching Talk".

Today I am going to show you how I used 1 FREE game from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and used it 6 different ways in my preschool classroom.

Below the video will be the link where you can get the free game and the clipart used.

Free Game:


Monday Muse Edition 8

This Monday starts a new chapter in the Hickman house.

Both of my babies are in school full day. This will not come to a surprise, but I write these posts in advance from time to time. I am editing now on the "First Day Eve." We had a good day today, so I am not all ... OMG I am so glad school starts tomorrow! I am actually pretty nervous for my youngest. He has NEVER been a whole day without Mommy close by, EVER. My oldest is the most nervous she has been in a long time about the start of school. I can honestly say I am looking forward to this new chapter. I can honestly say this too. It is going to feel weird walking back from the bus stop without a child.

Since this is a new chapter I figured our muse this week would be a beautiful sunrise.