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13 Reason Why You WANT to be in the Cool Kid

1. Because being a cool kid is the 'shhpoopy' - as it is said around here.
2. Because being a cool kid gets you cool shhpoopy. (Like Fa La La Friday Graphics)
3. Because being a cool kid gets you free shhpoopy. (Like free coloring pages)
4. Because being a cool kid is something that everyone wanted to be at some point and time.
5. Because being a cool kid puts you in the know.
6. Because being a cool kid gets you attention.
7. Because being a cool kid is special.
8. Because being a cool kid is like being a VIP.
9. Because being a cool kid is way cooler than just being a kid.
10. Because being a cool kid gets you discounts.
11. Because being a cool kid is good for your health. (Coloring may relax you. Relaxing is good.)
12. Because being a cool kid is just way awesome.

and last but not least ...

13. Because being a cool kid is just cool.

So, I ask. Would you like to be a cool kid?

Fill out this form right here. I will hook you up with some free coloring pages!

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Monday Muse

Your weekly color inspiration!

Ch Ch Changes

If there is one thing that is consistent with Sara Hickman Designs it is that I change with the changes that head my way.

When I started out on this journey it was to make a difference. I wanted to empower teachers to make learning fun again. Academic does not have to equal boring, repetitive, or busy work. Somewhere along the way, I think we as teachers and parents have lost that. We teach them how to take a test. We are worried when they can't write their letters at 3. We tell them at the start of the year you have to have this score on this test to move on at the end of the year.

How does that make learning fun?
Who wants to spend their kid years doing an hour and a half of homework in the 3rd grade?
Who wants to have homework in Kindergarten?

Don't get me wrong not all of life has to be fun and games, but when they are kids -- they need to be able to be kids.

Studies have even shown the more senses you get involved while learning the more active the brain is absorbing the …

Fa La La Fridays are back!

That's right! Fa La La Fridays are back!

Today is National Salami Day. Hop over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and get your graphic today! While you are there I also updated Doughnut Day. He is much more adorable now. :)

Can you really use the same game for Preschool, First Grade and Third Grade?

Taking a look at the Apple Size Sequence file folder game. 
The main skill this game will address is that of putting the same image in sequential order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Add complexity by adding sets of apples in different colors. Students will then also be able to group similarly sized apples of different colors.

As your students progress in knowledge you can easily adapt this game by simply adding a die and a dry erase marker or crayon. Roll the die. Count that many apples in one color. Roll the die again. Count that many apples in another color. Write the equation and add the numbers. This game has now gone from size sorting to adding with simply adding two small items.
Using this same concept you can take it one step further and work on additional mathematical skills. Let's take a look at how we practiced some multiplication with this same game. 
I set out three apples, a die and a dry erase marker. 

We were going to be working on 3 groups multi…

In the Studio Episode 14

Hey all! It's Wednesday and it is time to come and join me In the Studio!

Today it is a 5 color challenge.

Over on Facebook I did a quick poll of my cool kids (Want to become a cool kid check this out.) I found out what some of your favorite cartoons were from when you were a kid.

Scooby Doo
Grape Ape
Rainbow Bright

I am using only Winsor and Newton Pro and Brush Markers. The page I am coloring is from 40 in 40, Coloring from Drawing Challenges. You can get the PDF here. You can order the physical book below.

40 in 40 Coloring from Drawing Challenges
StyleSpiral $17.99 USDStandard $9.99 USD

Hello September

Both of the centers I worked in were technically childcare centers. This meant that we had kids all year long. One center we were expected to be academic all year the other, just the school year. I did a quick poll of preschool teachers and found these are some popular themes for Preschool Education in September.

Popular September Themes for Preschool Education.

All About Me (If you click on this link you will be taken to the All About Me activities I have on Teachers Pay Teachers including the best selling "All About Me Printable Book" Me, Myself and IBodyFive SensesFamilyPetsFriendsEmotions Apples (If you click this link you will be taken to all the Apple activities I have available on Teachers Pay Teachers) Green ApplesYellow ApplesRed ApplesWormsTreesJohnny Appleseed Welcome to School (This is linked to the Back to School Bundle I have available on Teachers Pay Teachers) ColorsLettersNumbersSafety Do you do something different in September? I would love to hear about it. Comme…

Monday Muse - But Different.

Typically Mondays I post a color palette to inspire you. Well today, I hope to inspire you in a different way.

2 weeks ago I got really mad. So mad I took a shower to cool down mad. I had gotten the meet the teacher letter and my third grader's school list was completely different than the district supplied list. 3 days before school starts I have to try and find her different supplies.
In the shower, I was fuming. Here I am a parent that plans. I budget for our school supplies. I buy them early so the kids can have a nice selection. Now everything is gone for the most part and I have to head out and try to find new stuff. What if I didn't have the money, 3 days before school started? What if I was still a teacher and I was having to shell out tons of money for my own class because I couldn't ask parents to supply anything we were preschool and 90% daycare voucher. Then I would be shelling out money for my class and my kids and being paid ...well frankly shit.
Then it hit m…